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unmissable Venetian aperitif, ready to pour into the glass with the addition of a few ice cubes!

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Name and Denomination
Spritz - Italian Aperitivo 
Alcohol content 6% vol.
Optimal serving temperature 8-10°C

the company’s new projects team, started thinking about a new fashionable product – the Spritz “Italian Aperitivo”- in February 2011, after having carefully evaluated the market potential and its products, especially the Spritz, one of the main very fashionable drinks in Venice and Veneto. After careful study, testing, product and sensory analysis and comparisons, our “recipe” was finally created. It mainly consists of sparkling white wine, white grape juice, natural flavors, colouring and sugar. These simple ingredients wisely blended bring to light the Spritz “Italian Aperitivo.”

the Spritz “Italian Aperitivo” should be stored in a cool, dark place in order to maintain its maximum aroma and color.

as you fill the glass tumbler with Spritz “Italian Aperitivo”, the glass tumbler already having been prepared with 2-3 ice cubes and a slice of orange, a bright orange “spuma” (froth) will be noticed, a colour that will remain in the glass together with a pleasant presence of light bubbles.

the olfactory impact is of intense tangerine and mandarin notes, as well as of delicate and pleasing notes of pink grapefruit.

a sweet initial note can be felt upon the first sip, thanks to the must concentrate, followed by an excellent combination of acidity and salinity, which ends with an interesting and pleasant sensation of bitter orange.

in 75 cl bottles in boxes of 12