Valpolicella Ripasso D.O.C.
natural cork

from Valpolicella, a lively wine with an interesting garnet profile, consistent, elegant, complex end.

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Name and Denomination
Valpolicella Ripasso D.O.C.
Grape variety 
from 45% up to 95% Corvina grape variety, up to a maximum of 50% Corvinone, if substituting the same percentage of Corvina, Rondinella (from 5% to 30%) and small percentages of Oseleta and Molinara grape varieties.
Alcohol content 13.5% vol.
Optimal serving temperature 16-18°C

Gastronomic matches
Valpolicella Ripasso combines well with stews in general, grilled meat, as well as with the typical Venetian dish called “pastisada de caval” – stewed horse meat.

Valpolicella, Verona, Veneto region

the wine-making technique follows the traditional method consisting of fresh Valpolicella grapes being put through the maceration and fermentation phase, at a controlled temperature of 20-22° C, with daily pumping over for a period of 4 to 8 days according to the vintage year. Concluded the alcoholic and malolactic fermentation phases, the wine is decanted according to the normal autumnal procedure. The two varieties – Amarone della Valpolicella and Recioto della Valpolicella – are racked for static draining during the months of January and February, on the partially fermented and still steeped skins of the Valpolicella wine, obtained during the months of September-October, it is refermented together with the racked skins. Concluded the fermentation phase, the “Ripassato” wine is placed in wooden barrels to age, for a minimum period of one year, as required by law.

should be stored in a dry dark place at a temperature of 10-14° C. Thanks to its structure and  alcoholic characteristics, combined with the elegance of wood, this wine can be aged for a period of 3-5 years. 

vivid, with an interesting granite profile, good texture and depth, consistent.

elegant, complex final perfume. Clear initial perceptions of toasted hazelnut and tobacco notes, followed by attractive red fruit liquor and cherry jam notes; some minutes later the glass perfumes of vanilla and spices.

excellent entry, a small bit of initial acidity well supported by the structure and final salinity, excellent persistence and flavor. Overall, an important wine characterized by a pleasant taste and great aging potential.

in 75 cl bottles in boxes of 6.