Primitivo I.G.T.
synthetic cork
stelvin screw cap

a warm and fertile soil where heat and breeze alternate to give character to the grapes

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Name and Denomination
Primitivo I.G.T. Puglia
Grape variety 
minimum 85% Primitivo IGT and up to a maximum 15% of other red grape varieties, the latter sourced from the corresponding Primitivo IGT provinces of Puglia.
Alcohol content 13% vol.
Optimal serving temperature 16-18°C

Gastronomic matches
Primitivo Piantaferro is suitable to accompany robust first courses and second courses of roasted red meats, game and aged hard cheeses.

Apulia region

the wine-making technique follows the traditional method consisting of a 3 daily top ups during the first week and of one daily check and top up during the week that follows. The temperature for fermentation is set at 22° C during the first week and at 28° C during the second. Once the phase of alcoholic fermentation is concluded, the processes of skin racking and softly pressing may start. The best conditions for the onset of the malolactic fermentation are then created and when this phase is completed the wine is decanted. The bottling process starts with the month of June of the year following the harvest.

should be stored in a cool and dark dry cellar, as the aging period for this wine can appreciably exceed 3-4 years. This wine improves with aging.

deep purple red with light granite hues.

great olfactory complexity at smell, ranging from plum and black currant jam to spicy notes of black pepper and rosemary. Very intriguing notes of toasted almond and vanilla are perceived afterwards.

a warm full bodied wine in the mouth, enveloping, flavourful with great persistence. Spicy and almond notes aftertaste.

in 75 cl bordolese bottles in boxes of 6.