Nero d'Avola D.O.C. Sicilia
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Name and Denomination
Nero d’Avola D.O.C. Sicilia
Grape variety 
minimum 85% Nero D’Avola IGT and up to 15% of other red grape varieties, the latter sourced from the corresponding Nero D’Avola provinces of Sicily.
Alcohol content 13% vol.
Optimal serving temperature 16-18°C

Gastronomic matches
ideal with all grilled, barbecued or braised red meats, including venison. Matches very well with meaty lasagne, moussaka, ragù Bolognese, spicy risottos and Indian curries. Also very nice with seasoned mature hard or soft creamy herby cheeses.

Sicily region

after arriving at the winery, the grapes are de-stemmed, crushed and then the must is brought to a temperature of 20-22° C. Alcoholic fermentation now starts and selected yeasts are added. The fermentation process is carried out at a temperature of 24-28° C. During the first three days of fermentation 4 brief daily top ups are done and then 2 long daily top ups for the following 5-9 days of fermentation, this dependent on the quality of the harvest. After the grapes have been racked and softly pressed, the wine is decanted at a temperature of 22-24°C this favouring the malolactic fermentation. As soon as this phase is concluded, the wine is poured into stainless steel tanks and is refined and perfected during the following 4-8 months.

must be stored in a cool dry cellar, preferably in the dark, in order to preserve its smell and taste characteristics. This important red Sicilian wine should not be exposed to sudden temperature changes and the cellar light should be not intense. The ideal temperature for conservation should be between 12° C and 16° C.

beautiful ruby red with light garnet hues.

ethereal, warm, with delicate notes of red berries, reminiscent of blueberry and cherry, followed by a spicy, balsamic note and in the end vanilla notes.

the wine is full on the palate, soft, warm and harmonious. The velvety tannings are barely noticeable and disappear quickly, it has good persistence. During the aftertaste phase, spicy and balsamic notes, as well as pleasant light liquorice notes.

in 75 cl bordolese reale bottles in boxes of 6.