Fiano I.G.T.
synthetic cork
stelvin screw cap

the water arrives to irrigate the fields; thousands of streamlets feed the earth; which rejoices

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Name and Denomination
Fiano I.G.T. del Beneventano
Grape variety 
Fiano varietal minimum of 85%,in addition other white grape varietals can be added up to a maximum of 15% whose cultivation is authorized within the province of Benevento, such as Falanghina and Greco.
Alcohol content 12.5% vol.
Optimal serving temperature 8-12°C

Gastronomic matches
excellent with meals based on fish and crustaceans, white meats and rice disse. Goes well also with vegetable dishes.

from within the whole administrative territory of the Benevento province.

immediately after picking, the Fiano grapes are placed into a steel lung press, the resulting must is cooled to 12° C and statically decanted. The clear must is the put into alcoholic fermentation using selected yeasts, once this process has ended the wine is cooled to 8° C and after 6-8 days the first transfer is carried out. The Piantaferro Fiano IGT Beneventano is stoed at temperature controlled condition right up to the moment of bottling.

must be stored in a fresh and dark cellar, this in order to maintain its full character and taste.

soft straw yellow.

the perfume is intense, persistent, with floral notes and hints of white peach, exotic fruits, hints of hazelnut.

to the mouth it is a structured wine with good acidity, it delivers long, pleasing and lasting aftertaste leaving clear notes of esotic fruits.

in 75 cl bordolese bottles in boxes of 6.