Falanghina I.G.T.
synthetic cork
stelvin screw cap

light colours; diluted and smokey to describe all the delicate and rarefied aromas

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Name and Denomination
Falanghina I.G.T. del Beneventano
Grape variety 
minimum 85% Falanghina and up to 15% other types of white grapes such as Fiano and Greco, which are authorised for cultivation in the Provinces of Benevento.
Alcohol content 12% vol.
Optimal serving temperature 10-14°C

Gastronomic matches
suitable for seafood appetizers, pasta dishes with crustaceans sauces, molluscs and vegetables, mussels, fish soups, grilled razor clams, grilled or baked fish. Also combines well with white meats with aromatic seasonings.

from the whole administrative territory of the Province of Benevento

the fresh harvested grapes are crushed, de-stemmed, placed in presses, adding Vitamin C to prevent the oxidation of aromatic substances and dyes. As soon as the must is cooled down to 12° C and statically decanted, the alcoholic fermentation of the clear must begins by using selected yeasts. Once completed this latter phase, the wine is cooled down to 8° C and 6-8 days later the first transfer can be done. Until bottled, Falanghina Piantaferro is kept at controlled temperature.

must be stored in a cool place, preferably in the dark, in order to keep its bouquet and taste characteristics.

deep yellow, with strong bright green reflections.

intense perfume, altogether warm and fresh, with pleasant sensations of fresh toasted hazelnut. A set of young olfactory perceptions, contemporaneously fresh, ripe and evolved.

the first sensations are of a warm embrace followed by a pleasant sour note. The wine becomes long and perfectly persistent, with pleasant fresh notes aftertaste.

in 75 cl bordolese bottles in boxes of 6.