The wines of the “Le Selezioni” collection offer you the chance to discover the richly diverse regional aspects of our country, sipping glasses with a variety of unique bouquets and flavours.

“Le Selezioni” results from in depth research throughout the country, carefully carried out by 47 Anno Domini: a range of products from terrains selected with care and constantly monitored by our agronomists, leading to a line of regional wines of diverse origins which reveal the history and traditions of various areas bringing you unique fragrances and flavours.

Starting in the north, specifically from the hills around Verona, 47 Anno Domini presents Scuola Grande, a line that strongly represents the quality of the Veronese land and its vineyards.

Passing through central Italy to the south, we present Piantaferro and Intrigo.  These wine ranges arise from soil warmed by the constant sun in mild climates, a typical aspect of these terrain. The different wines reveal, through intense yet delicate notes, the tastes and aromas of grapes grown in an environment that unites the potency of the sun with the energy of the sea winds. 

In addition, we propose our Spritz line, the unmistakeable aperitif from the northeast.