47 Anno Domini
"Wine by Design". Much more than a concept, it's a "Lifestyle". Every element of the company is affected by this culture, from the elegant architecture of the winery to the state-of-the-art of the equipment used.

47 Anno Domini

47 Anno Domini with typical care for the quality of its products has made selections from further afield than the Marca Trevigiana in order to bring you regional wines that deserve to be in the 47 Anno Domini range. We present our new product line “Le Selezioni”.

From the south we have selected Piantaferro and Intrigo, wines born under the Mediterranean sun where every bunch, every single grape is full of the energy that only this sun and this terrain can bestow.

From the hills around Verona, we have chosen the Scuola Grande line to express the best that this region and its tradition offers.

wines of south
Our vineyards grow under the strong Mediterranean Sun. Every grape bunch and every single grape are full of the energy that only this Sun and terrain can give.


wines of north
a selection of the best available from this territory and that local tradition can purvey.

Scuola Grande